UPDATE: Workers kept for observation after chemical exposure at Hixson plant

UPDATE:  A representative with Memorial Hospital has informed the Chattanooga Fire Department, that of the 10 patients they received at Memorial North Park, 9 are going to be kept overnight for observation.

All five of the patients Memorial received at its main campus in Glenwood were treated and released.

Bruce Garner states there is no other information to offer on the patients who were transported.

HIXSON, Tennessee (WDEF) – Chattanooga fire officials say 24 workers were taken to the hospital this morning as a precaution from a chemical exposure.

It happened at Southern Filter Media on Kanasita Drive near Greenway Farm in Hixson.

Bruce Garner with the Fire Department says the workers were exposed to fumes from a manufacturing process at the plant.

When they began getting sick, plant officials shut down the process and called fire fighters.

Most of the employees who were transported were just being checked out by doctors.

Only two or three were more sick, and paramedics said none were life threatening issues.

Southern Filter Media makes filter bags that are used by manufacturing companies.

from Southern Filter Media website

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