Drivers navigate snowy conditions

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) — Hamilton County Emergency Services opened up its emergency operations center Tuesday morning to prepare for the storm. They have been monitoring the conditions and urging drivers to stay safe.

People driving through the storm, say the Interstate has been awful.

While driving on Interstate-24 on Tuesday, some say its been difficult because of the snowy conditions.

“They’ve gotten worse as we drive further south. I mean Michigan was bad, but the farther south we came the worse the weather as gotten for folks who live here. Nashville was just a mess, but now it is better, but now I think we are going to make it through to Georgia with any luck,” Larry Pettit said.

Pettit is on his way to Florida. Being from Michigan, he knows how to navigate this type of weather.

“So we are kind of used to snow and in the south they are not. So it is kind of a mess for them,” Pettit said.

He was taking it slow.

“Under sixty miles an hour. A lot of times I have been driving forty, you know, so trying to predict what someone is going to do ahead of me and there has been a lot of that,” he said.

Leading up to the storm, Hamilton County Emergency Management officials have been keeping an eye on it. They decided to open their emergency operations center.

First responders from different agencies are at the center monitoring what is going on.
“Our preparedness is what is very important to us. So it is better to be proactive than reactive,” said Amy Maxwell, with Hamilton County Emergency Services.

While they suggest people stay inside, if you have to go out and drive, Maxwell has some suggestions.

“We ask everyone to just take their time. Give yourself plenty of room,” Maxwell said.

As for Pettit, he says he’ll pay close attention for the rest of his trip.

“We have seen a lot of cars off the road. We have seen a semi jack knifed. So there has been a lot of accidents. So just be careful and slowdown,” Pettit said.

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