Drug bust in Marion County uncovers hundreds of fentanyl pills

MARION COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) – The 12th Judicial Drug Task Force announced Wednesday night that the drugs found during the sting operation were made to look like 30 milligram oxycodone pills.

However, agents are saying that the pills actually contained the deadly drug known as fentanyl.

DTF agents arrested two people, and seized the pills along with about $7,000 in drug proceeds as well as a loaded gun.

Marion County Sheriff Bo Burnett says that fentanyl has been showing up at an alarming rate in the community.

“It can be absorbed through the skin. I’ve seen things where officers – and I tell officers, ‘hey, if you’re going to handle anything, have gloves on’. When an officer was handling it over in middle Tennessee and he didn’t have gloves and he immediately started having a reaction and had to be rushed to the ER,” says Burnett.

Fentanyl has been creeping into communities nationwide, and Marion County is no exception.

He says the drug is not one to be messed with, and in many cases results in death upon ingestion.

“The detectives work drugs and they think it causes most of the overdoses in this area, probably nationwide. It’s a manmade drug that’s made in labs probably here in the United States and then it’s laced with pills, laced with marijuana, laced with heroin. We’ve seen a lot of that in this area,” says Burnett.

However, he says that the nasal spray known as naloxone has prevented many overdoses – and that almost all officers are now equipped with it.

“It’s brought back – I think we’ve used it fifteen times last year. Other cities have used them. And it’s a good tool, it’s given to us by the state and we keep records on them,” he says

DTF agents say they shared the news of the drug bust to keep the public aware, and to remind people to never take a pill unless they obtained it legally from a doctor or a pharmacy prescription.

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