Dunlap Historian Wants Giant Confederate Flag To Be Tennessee’s Mount Rushmore

DUNLAP,TN, (WDEF)-Carson Camp really likes confederate flags, they are outside and inside his house, and even hanging in the toilet.

But now he’s taking his passion to the next level, with this giant bolder mosaic to be built on the side of Fredonia mountain.
"If they don’t get the history lesson out of it, i can’t make people get educated on history".

Camp a former mayor, county commissioner and constable feels his flag needs to be seen not banned.

Carson Camp, Sons of Confederate Veterans,"I call it cultural Ebola is all it is, there for a while with Ebola you couldn’t anybody that came out of that part of Africa if they touched anybody with Ebola they were contaminated and that is what is going on here they are contaminating this flag".

Sequatchie elected officials are supporting the project.

Dwain Land, Current Mayor of Dunlap,"If  it turns out to be like Mount Rushmore or Stone Mountain and I’ve visited both and I spent money in their town, I think it’ll have an economic impact on Dunlap."

Camp also wants to erect a giant steel arrow pointing towards Oklahoma to honor the trail of tears.

Dwain Land, mayor of Dunlap, "Mr. Camp, he owns his property. It’s out in the county. So there’s, no permitting. I mean he can do whatever he’d like with it. It’s his."

Camp claims to have teams of men ready to work on the project and is offering to personally guard the construction site from those who threaten his region’s history.

Fundraising for the project is set to begin through Facebook next week.

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