Dunlap Industries Celebrates 50 Years

DUNLAP, Tenn. (WDEF) – It’s not too often you hear about homegrown businesses surviving  decades and staying right where they started.

But one local business in Dunlap can say just that.
It’s hometown charm and hardworking employees that has kept Dunlap Industries alive for fifty years, said Vice Pres. Mike Kwasnik.

“It’s a second generation that has been able to take the company at its reigns and survive hardships and move the company forward.”

Kwasnik’s father started the company 50 years ago this month.

“Dad passed on to us a work ethic and a pride and doing a good job and remembering what the word customer means.”

The company manufactures zippers in Dunlap, but they also produce other products.

“We also manufacture thread and hook-in loop which a Velcro product”, said Kwasnik.

Dunlap Industries zippers are sent all over the country.

Many are used to make military uniforms.

Kwasnik credits the 84 employees for their long, thriving history in the town where it all began.

“It’s our employees that have helped us to thrive and to survive.”

Dunlap Industries is one of 2 American owned zipper companies.
It’s  only zipper company manufacturing in the state of Tennessee.

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