Dunlap Police warn of scams that pull at heartstrings

DUNLAP, Tenn. (WDEF) – “A citizen said she received three different calls from a local number where they had spoofed a local number where it would look like it was local here that it was calling her asking for donations from the Dunlap Police Department,” Dunlap Police Lt. Randy Phillips said.

The Dunlap Police Department is the latest target of a phone scam that’s all too common.

“This is a normal thing where they normally target first responders, veterans, because it pulls, it pulls at the person’s heartstrings to help the, you know people that are helping them,” Lt. Phillips said.

That seemed to be the case when another person recently reported she received a call that asked for donations from the local veterans club.

However, police found no local club asking for money.

“We contacted the VFW here in town. We contacted the American Legion here in town. We even contacted the Sequatchie Veterans Memorial Park, and all three told us that they were not doing any kind of fundraisers,” Lt. Phillips said.

Police called the number back, but haven’t been able to talk to a live person.

“We actually had a detective call the number that she gave us and when he called that number it came up a voicemail to the fundraising center,” Lt. Phillips said.

Lt. Phillips warns that with Veterans Day coming up, and the holiday season approaching, more phone scams are likely.

“Do not give out any kind of personal information. Do not give out your checking account information, credit card information and contact local law enforcement and talk to them and ask them if there’s any kind of scams going around,” Lt. Phillips said.

The good news in these cases is that no one fell victim.

They also notified police.

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