Where does my early vote go if my candidate dropped out?

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Early voters this year for Super Tuesday may have some buyers remorse.

After all, 15 names appear on the Democratic Presidential Primary ballot in Tennessee.

But ten of them have now dropped out.

That only leaves Biden, Bloomberg, Gabbard, Sanders and Warren still in the race.

But what happens if you voted early for one of the candidates who have now dropped out?

While some states do allow voters to re-cast their ballots on election day, most don’t and most voters won’t go back even if they could.

But in the primary, you are actually voting for delegates (people) who promise to vote for the candidate they represent.

Even if your chosen candidate has endorsed another candidate, your vote does NOT automatically transfer to them.

The delegates are bound to vote for their original candidate on the first ballot of the National Convention.

However, after that, they are free agents and can vote for whoever they like.

Of course, we haven’t had a second round of balloting at a convention in years.

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