Earth Day trash pickup

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee- Members of the community workers led together for multiple hours to help clean up a Chattanooga creek on Earth Day.

The nonprofit organization, Green steps, and other members of the community worked hard to clean out multiple garbage bags worth of litter from the Citico Creek.

The Green Steps organization said it’s wonderful to see the community come together and work to make Chattanooga a cleaner place.

Green Steps Jimmy Urciuoli said what he truly loves about trash pick-up is any able body can do it.

This creek has so much trash in it it’s unreal. We’re literally dismantling trash dams out of the creek today. Anybody that’s able-bodied can get out here with their own two hands and help us pick up trash. So it’s something the community can get directly involved in and also see a direct result,” said Urciuoli.

If you are interested in participating in future trash pick-up events click here.

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