East Brainerd Kindergarten teacher wins our Golden Apple Award

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Kaitlyn Ray tries to find ways to make learning fun for her Kindergarten class.

The East Brainerd Elementary school teacher makes sure to engage her students, to make sure they succeed.

That’s why she has earned this week’s Golden Apple Award.

“On behalf of food city and news channel 12, I would like to present you with this beautiful golden apple teacher award for this week. Why thank you. Congratulations! Thank you.”

Principal Marthel Young says “Her quiet demeanor and her consistent Sea with her students express the different ways that she plans instruction for her children. And she engages in facts with them.”

“I just saw her on the floor with the boys and girls teaching them about 3-D shapes.”

Kaitlyn Ray says “I remember when I was a little girl I loved the times that we got up and move and do hands on experiments and things like that. And those of the times that I really remember learning the most. So I really strive to incorporate that into my classroom. We do a lot of movement, exercising, talking, up-and-down and in the floor.

Marthel: “Her lessons are engaging. Her classroom is warm and nurturing and inviting.’

Kaitlyn: “I’ve been teaching kindergarten for three years. And I’m currently pursuing a Masters degree in curriculum design. We have so many different cultures and ethnicities represented here. So I teach so that children of all backgrounds, all cultures, can have a fun and engaging way of learning. I was influenced by a lot of great teachers that I have had myself. But I remembered since I was little I always wanted to be a teacher. I would go to school all day and I would come home and I would play school in my house for hours longer. So I’ve just it’s always have been a dream of my own. So it’s just really great to make a lasting impact and have students that want to be a part of your classroom every day.”

Marthel: “Children hate to leave her because she loves what she is doing. And it is transferred in her interactions and relationships that she builds with her boys and girls.”

Kaitlyn: “It just really means a lot to know that they’re still thinking about me even though they may not be in my care anymore.”

To view other winners of the award or to nominate a teacher you feel has gone above and beyond in helping students, visit the News 12 Now Golden Apple page.

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