East Chattanooga to Get New $6M Avondale Community Center

One of the most popular gathering places for youth and senior citizens in east Chattanooga is the Avondale Center on Dodson.
Beginning next year, it will become even more important to the neighborhood and its residents–after an announcement by
Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke.
Avondale is one of the oldest communities in the city. And its historic meeting place, the Avondale Center was built in 1949—and updated a few years ago.
But it’s future was uncertain—until this meeting.

MAYOR ANDY BERKE “Today, I’m here to announce that in the budget we’ll be unveiling in the next two weeks, we have allocated 6-million dollars to build a new center right here on this site…(applause) ”

Building a bigger facility has been discussed for years, but not acted on.

MOSES FREEMAN, CHAIRMAN, CITY COUNCIL “Some of you have asked previous mayors to build you a new center here in this district…and it went on deaf ears. This mayor heard you and we owe him a debt of gratitude.”

Longtime community leader James Moreland has urged mayor and council to double the size of the building, saying that when kids are using it, seniors can’t and vice versa.

JAMES MORELAND, LEADER, AVONDALE COMMUNITY “I think in terms of the east Chattanooga community. Because you can’t separate by boundaries…we’re all in this thing together.”

Councilman Freeman predicts an economic surge when the new center is built.

MOSES FREEMAN “The new economic development that’s going to come to this community ..this is the new beginning for Avondale.

MAYOR BERKE “We hope sometime late in 2017 , we’ll be here together for a different reason, alright?”

Mayor Berke says the city’s department of economic development has been working on designs for the new Avondale Center, but that plans will be finalized in the next few weeks.

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