East Chattanooga residents on edge after police officer was shot

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF) — As the search continues for the man who shot a Chattanooga Police officer Thursday morning, residents of  East Chattanooga near Mission Avenue are talking about how that shooting disrupted their daily lives.

“Community members know that anybody that will attack a police officer is a danger to our neighbors, and we want to make sure this person is taken off the street before anyone else gets harmed,” said Chattanooga Police Chief Fred Fletcher during a briefing with local media.

The idea of getting a shooting suspect off the streets is why massive manhunt was conducted on Thursday. Authorities were hunting for the suspect who shot a Chattanooga police officer on Mission Avenue.

Michael Scott lives directly in front of the wooded area where the shooting took place. He told News 12 he didn’t hear the gun shot. He also said was surprised when he walked out his front door.

“We saw like military people walking up and down the street and then we heard what was going on which is crazy because we couldn’t get out. It was hard for people to get out and get their kids because they had the driveways blocked,” Scott said.

Fully armed law enforcement officers dressed in battle gear and body armor canvassed the area on foot looking for the armed suspect. Scott told News 12 it was both a scene and a feeling he and his family would never forget.

“We were kind of on edge because we saw the helicopters flying around, which in this neighborhood is rare because it’s a peaceful neighborhood, quiet. First thing I did was contact family members to see what was going on. We heard what happened about the officer getting shot which is real hard on everybody,” Scott said.

One of Scott’s neighbors several blocks over what was mistakenly taken into custody by a SWAT team in the afternoon. Another resident  who lives close by but didn’t want to be identified said she walked out her door and couldn’t believe the number of fully armed officers taking her neighbor into custody. The man who was handcuffed was later released after police determined he was not the shooting suspect.

As for the officer who was shot, authorities say he is resting at home with his family. His identity will likely not be released until the suspect who shot him is captured.

Crime Stoppers is offering a $6,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the suspect.

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