East Gate Senior Center Will Have to Move

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF-TV) — The Senior Center at Eastgate will have to find another home beginning in August.
New management at the shopping center is asking the city to pay 15-thousand dollars a month for that space.
The center has served hundreds of Chattanoogans for almost 20 years.
The city had a no-cost lease until now.
But starting at the end of this month those seniors will be moved to the Brainerd Center while a permanent site is found.


"It was a little bit shocking but business is business..they do what they have to do and we have to make decisions based on what we think is best for our taxpayers in saving dollars and helping our senior citizens have a place to be and have fun and enjoy the quality of life they deserve."

Jennings says his department also plans to provide more senior programming at all 18 of the city’s "YDC" centers.

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