East Hamilton 6’10 Forward Cade Pendleton Packs Deadly Shot Behind the Arc

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) According to East Hamilton basketball coach Andy Webb, Cade Pendleton had 23 rebounds in a game for the Hurricanes this season. Not too surprising for a 6’10 guy. What you don’t expect from someone Pendleton’s size is his three point shooting. Pendleton can really dial it up from downtown. Who knows…someday he may get 23… three’s in a game.

In East Hamilton’s game Wednesday with Hamilton Heights Cade Pendleton was 4 of 5 behind the arc in the first half.
That’s smokin’ hot, especially for a 6’10 kid.
Said Webb:”I don’t think many college teams have a 6’10 guy that’s their best three-point shooter and really NBA professional. Cade is a rare breed. He’s a hybrid. And I think that’s why he has got so much college attention.”
His 3-point shooting skills certainly get Pendleton a lot of attention from opposing teams.
Said Pendleton:”Yeah I’ll get the occasional like dang! Or something like that. They’re like what just happened.”
Added Webb:”It’s just a game changer for us because coaches don’t expect to have to chase him off the three point line. That’s usually a second half adjustment that they work on.” (laughter)
Speaking of work…that sums up what Pendleton has done to make himself a lethal shooter.
Said Pendleton:”Every day at practice. Probably get 100. Anywhere between 100 to 300 shots a day. I have just that shooter’s feeling of just of when I get in a rhythm, you can’t really stop me. I know that not a lot of guys my size have that.”
Imagine trying to stop a skilled guy behind the arc, who stands 6-10.
Said Webb:”It’s hard to get interference on Cade. Cade gets a lot of open shots, so we can run a simple action, and he feels open because we’ve told him if somebody is not in your face contesting your shot, then let it fly.”
Said Pendleton:”Yeah it’s just fun because sometimes I’ll shoot it, and I’ll swear I’m open, and I go back and watch film, and there’s like a guy right here so. It definitely is a big factor. Very rarely do I get a jump shot blocked, so I don’t have to worry about that. Yeah it’s great. I love it.”

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