East Ridge Residents Concerned With Robberies and Thefts

EAST RIDGE, TN, (WDEF)-Reese Davoren watched his 1200 dollar ATV trailer getting stolen on this video taken by a neighbor’s security camera Monday morning.

Reese Davoren, East Ridge Resident,"And my trailer was gone, I just had no clue what happened, so I called the East Ridge Police, they sent a unit out, they told me there was nothing I could do but wait."

Davoren tells News 12 he was getting his truck fixed at the time and along with other East Ridge and Chattanooga residents is concerned about property just vanishing.

East Ridge Neighborhood Watch want residents across the Tennessee valley to be extra careful on social media this spring break.

David Gysin, East Ridge Neighborhood Watch,"Never post where you are going or when you are going on vacation, don’t post pictures when you are on vacation, do it when you get back, if you do it when you are away potential thieves will know you are not at your house."

One East Ridge man tells News 12 he witnessed his car being stolen just outside his front door and decided enough was enough.

Wayne Woodman, East Ridge Resident,"He eventually gave me one of his hands and I brought him over to the front rail of my house and handcuffed him to it and then called the police."

Despite multiple robberies and break-ins at local Waffle Houses, car dealer-ships and homes across the Tennessee Valley, Hamilton County Sheriff’s office stats show this March is no worse than previous years.
     But that could all change in the coming days.

Janice Atkinson,Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office,"Neighbors are looking out for neighbors and you need to report anything that looks suspicious, even if you think oh this is silly, go ahead and report it, it’s much better for our deputies to come out and check if everyone is who they are supposed to be."

With 4000 members East Ridge Neighborhood Watch have already begun preparing for Spring break with active alerts and members mounting extra security cameras on their properties.

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