East Ridge Residents React to New Law

Rick Bartel and his wife bought this East Ridge home new over thirty years ago. It was only the second one built on the street.

A disabled veteran, Bartel says he’s parked at the curb all those years – until last week when eight of these signs went up on Haven Hill Drive within just 12 hours of the city council meeting that made them law.

Bartel says "Now at times it’s virtually impossible for me to get out of my vehicles without pain and difficulties."

Bartel described the change as discrimination.

"No family get togethers, no Thanksgiving dinner, no Christmas. All of those things that are typical and normal American family values we’re not allowed to participate in because of this change in the law."

Reporter: "Bartel says Resolution 2301 only pertains to two streets in East Ridge. He says that makes the residents of those areas feel like victims of discrimination. Now all they’re all looking for the answer to one big question: Why?"

We left several messages for Mayor Brent Lambert and so far haven’t gotten a response.

Bartel has taken it upon himself to research the issues – measuring over 90 roads, and talking with 5 different real estate groups who he says told him restrictions reduce resale value.

Haven Hill Drive resident Darlene Kid says she supports the change, even if it’s an inconvenience.

"We’ll just have to get with the neighbors and borrow driveways is all I know," Kid says.

The surrounding streets aren’t effected by the new law.

In East Ridge, Brittany Shaw, WDEF News 12.

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