East Ridge responds to NAACP complaint about tazing incident

See the YouTube video and read the letter from the NAACP questioning the incident

A man in East Ridge was tased during a felony traffic stop last Wednesday.

This has prompted the NAACP to release a statement questioning how many times a taser should be used on an individual during a police encounter.

Unlisted video of the incident was posted on YouTube, and appears to show the man in question being tased while being detained by three officers before ultimately being shot with a taser gun.

However, East Ridge Police Chief Stan Allen tells us that the man was not tased more than twice, and all of the officers actions were in compliance with department policy.

“All but one of those activations that you hear on that radio were not having any effect, because they couldn’t male contact with him. When they did put in the cartridge, and activated the taser, that’s when he stopped resisting and we were able to get control of the situation.”

According to Chief Allen, the man was stopped due to expired registration on his vehicle, but the man initially failed to stop his vehicle, and began yelling at the officers.

The officers then chose to initiate a felony stop, ordering the man to exist his vehicle without approaching, and the situation escalated from there.

The man is charged with Felony Evading Arrest, Driving on a suspended license, resisting arrest, unlawful removal of a decal, and financial responsibility.

Body Cam footage of the incident has been reviewed by the chief, but will not be released until the man has had his charges adjudicated.

News 12 reached out to the NAACP for further comment, but they did not respond.



A recent video was posted on YouTube that shows a Black man being shocked repeatedly by an East Ridge Police officer.  The way this man was handled for a violation that he asks repeatedly for an explanation is not acceptable. 

What is the standard for employing electroshock?  When do you inform the person of the law he or she has violated?  Why do you use vulgar language to communicate with a person who is being stopped?  Does a person become less than human when stopped by law enforcement?

View the attached video and determine if the actions of the man stopped justify the punishment inflicted.  The local NAACP has had three calls from Black men concerning the treatment by East Ridge officers when driving in the town. 

If you were stopped in East Ridge, send an email to naacpchatt@gmail.com.  Everyone needs to be treated as a human being.

The NAACP is a premier civil rights organization founded in 1909 with Branches across the United States of America.

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