Ebola Virus Patients In Atlanta Should We Be Concerned?

CHATTANOOGA, TN, (WDEF)-Transmitted through infected bodily fluids  in west African animals ebola virus has taken the lives of more than 700 people and infected 1300.
   Now two of those 1300 will be treated at Emory in Atlanta in a unique decision which will see the infected flown into a military airport in Georgia.

At Hamilton County Health Dept they say there is no reason for alarm regarding the Ebola virus and say the US citizens who do have the disease in Atlanta are in the right place to get treatment.

Margaret Zylstra, RN,"This is the worst outbreak of Ebola that has occurred and its ongoing so certainly in that part of the world there is more concern about this"

Zylstra says that even American’s working in the western African countries who are affected probably wont get the disease .

"Most people who travel to those countries doing work over there they are not going to come in contact with it unless they are in healthcare"

AMG international say they have made the decision to pull missions out of Ebola affected regions before and will have no hesitation in doing so again if they feel their mission workers are at major risk.

AMG International,"So if we were going to get ready to send a team to a particular country and this outbreak our missionaries would contact us and say no this is not the time to come and we would cancel to a later date, same thing is true of a terrorist uprising in a particular country"

Southern Adventist University say they are monitoring the status of their overseas students who are in East Africa and will not let them get in harms way if the virus spreads.

Lucas Patterson, Southern Adventist University,"The faculty and students in Tanzania and Tunisia this summer and are in process of sending student missionaries to Chad, Egypt and Zambia Southern monitored international travel advisories and gave the green light to those trips"

The CDC have issued a travel warning for Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia.

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