Eco Friendly Music Festival coming to the Scenic City

EAST RIDGE, Tenn (WDEF) – The “Get off the grid” solar powered festival will feature live music, eco-friendly vendors, and workshops led by nationally – acclaimed climate change advocates. 

This festival takes place every two years throughout the southeast and this year it’s coming to the scenic city.

“Our mission is to get out to the general public both the confidence that they can become energy independent as well as knowledge about the working of a solar system and how that would fit into their lives,” says William Fleming, Producer of Get off the Grid Festival.

After the shutdowns of 2020, public interest in sustainable and independent living has grown exponentially and festival organizers hope this event will teach residents the importance of caring for themselves- and the earth.

“It’s so important because of the condition the earth is in right now. We are at a tipping point now and it’s not going to be the governments, the corporations of the world that lead the charge-it’s going to be the people. So what the festival is about is showing how people can make a big commitment in order to take the power onto themselves to become self-sufficient in their energy projection, food consumption and their health,” says Fleming.

With concert-goers anxiously awaiting  music festivals, after a year-long pause, this festival will provide the return of live entertainment-but in a non-traditional, Covid-19 friendly outdoor venue. 

“I think the trick to putting on a sizable festival with a lot of people is to have many things happening at one time so you don’t get a clump of people all together like say in front of the main stage. It’s almost like a three ring circus. We will have many different activities going on simultaneously so we have people engaged on a number of different fronts where they can be safely spaced and not congregate,” says Fleming.

Get Off The Grade Festival will be held at Camp Jordan on August 20th-22nd.

Festival tickets are on sale now and you can find a link to that here


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