Educators and Medical Professionals Offer Advice On Keeping Children Healthy During Cold Weather

CHATTANOOGA,TN,(WDEF)-Krystal Scarbrough CSLA Principal,"Some students are out sick as are most schools in Hamilton County this time of year, as an administrator my concern is promoting good hygiene."

CSLA is just one of dozens of schools throughout East Tennessee dealing with students feeling poorly due to the cold weather but they are taking a proactive approach.

"We are ask our parents to let us know when they have been to the doctor, tell us what kind of illness they have had, so that we can be very proactive and make sure our district is aware of the numbers that we have exhibiting flu symptoms or coughs or colds."

Paediatric specialist Dr Kaukab Naseer has these words of advice for families, coaches and guardians who are concerned about their child getting sick this holiday season.

"I still see kids who when they cough they don’t cover their mouth or they use their hand the problem with that is they will get the germ on their hand and they then put their hands everywhere and they spread it."

Dr Naseer says parents can also play a major role in keeping their children healthy.

"We don’t want to overdo the sun because then there is a risk of sun damage to the skin but we have gone overboard and so people are not getting any sun they cover themselves up, that is resulting in another problem which is the low vitamin D, so either take Vitamin D or whenever possible get some sun."

Dr Naseer warns flu shots are not helping as much as previous years but says they are still vitally important.

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