Eight Fatalities on Chattanooga Roads in Less Than a Week

Two more fatal car crashes happened this weekend after Thursday night when a tractor trailer slammed into stopped traffic killing six people, among them two children.

Officials are still investigating all of them.

"We’re still compiling alot of information especially on the multiple vehicle crash because of the number of vehicles involved, the number of tire marks and evidence that we collected," said Joe Warren who is an accident investigator with the Chattanooga Police Department. "It’s going to take some time to process that so we can have a logical conclusion to what happened."

Friday afternoon, on Wilcox Boulevard, 36-year-old Christopher Jolly lost control on a turn on his motorcycle and died when he hit a utility pole.

And just early Sunday morning, a driver succumbed to his injuries after his car struck the median on I-75 north near Exit 11, flipping his car over.

"The causation for all three crashes are not really related," said Warren.

Even though this horrible streak is a fluke, Warren does see alcohol or drug impairment coupled with distracted driving from texting as causes for many fatal wrecks on our road.

"When you’re covering 50 to 80 feet of road per second when you’re driving, there is alot you need to be aware of."

Warren is one of the officials who has the difficult job of notifying family members of the victims of these crashes.

"This last crash, someone lost almost their entire family," he said.

Eight people lost their lives on Chattanooga roadways this week and bearing the burden of telling the families is a special calling not fit for all police officers.

"One of the things that is tough on anybody is trying to comfort someone, talk with someone, provide answers to someone who has lost everything."

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