Elabs in Hamilton County schools start implementing end of summer

Hamilton County schools is about to get more high tech.

Volkswagen donates one-million dollars for new labs.

Volkswagen, the Public Education Foundation and the State of Tennessee partnered to bring in the first wave of science labs.

The new eLabs will give thousands of students, at the middle and high school grade levels, access to enhanced technology like programmable microcomputers, renewable energy kits and 3D printers.

Students are already integrating themselves with robotics.

Howard High School Sophomore Wilmer Perez says, “we built a vex robot and we built that from scratch. We programmed it from scratch. There was another thing…mBot. We programmed those without using our hands.”

Perez says they’ve programmed the robots to pick up and throw items, among other things.

This award is the first for Volkswagen.

The non-profit, Public Education Foundation, will also be facilitating resources and on-going training for its educators.

Public Education Foundation Innovative Learning Director Michael Stone says that these labs will help young people to really start thinking about their futures.

“A big focus on engineering and environmental awareness for the students. It really gives students access to these rapid prototyping tools. Things like CNC routers, 3D printers, laser cutters that really allow students to quickly engage in problem solving as a component of design thinking or project based learning. Hamilton County schools will be the tightest cluster of digital fabrication labs anywhere in the world,” explains Stone.

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