Elaine Hutcheson is this week’s Golden Apple Award winner.

Many kids get confused by the subject of science.

But one local teacher makes sure her students get up close and personal with the subject.

Science isn’t always an easy subject but when your teacher lets you touch the objects you study, sometimes it’s not so tough.

At Ooltewah Middle School one science teacher makes sure every lesson is hands on.

Elaine Hutcheson is this week’s Golden Apple Award winner.

For these 6th graders this science lesson is a little foggy.

Thanks to Elaine Hutcheson’s hands on teaching they’ve captured the clouds in a jar.

Hutcheson, "When I was tapped to teach science I said I would do it, but only if we can do it my way. If we can touch things and investigate things and take things apart and figure out the connections."

Hutcheson has spent 33 years teaching 6th graders at Ooltewah Middle School… 8 of them teaching science. Hutcheson says she hated learning science only from a book and makes sure to incorporate all kinds of learning in her lessons. That style has parents taking notice.

Gallant – letter "She teaches her students to think like scientists by observing, measuring and recording scientific data."

Kellye Gallant says the activities & experiments make science her son Josh’s favorite subject.

Kellye Gallant – OMS Parent "He’s learned a lot in here because she’s so hands on."

Gallant says every student wants to be in Hutcheson’s class.

Gallant, "They’re not just sitting there listening to a lecture and taking notes they’re actually working and experimenting and seeing results right before their eyes and I think that’s awesome."

For Ms. Hutcheson that fun, involved learning is what makes teaching science so fun. She says having a good time with the lesson & her students means she doesn’t have to take herself too seriously.

Elaine Hutcheson – Science Teacher "I love kids. I love kids and animals and with science you can bring them both together."

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