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CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- After a heated campaign the votes are in, and Andy Berke has won re-election as Chattanooga’s Mayor.

Berke faced three challengers for his job, but ended up with more than 60 percent of the votes cast.

Mayor Andy Berke stated in his speech, “Tonight we celebrate a victory not because it was easy, but because it was hard.”

The election ended with Mayor Andy Berke winning the election with over half the the votes and the only person to see more than 20 percent of the full votes would be councilman Larry Grohn.

“We’ve had a big victory tonight and I think people in Chattanooga wanted us to continue forward and we are going to keep our progress in the city,” said Mayor Andy Berke.

The other candidates voiced their reaction to the results.

Councilman Larry Grohn stated, “It was a good campaign the mayor did what he did based upon the monies he was able to take in and that speaks to his credit. I wish the best for him because in my heart I wish the best for Chattanooga. So I’m not going to go away and if necessary I will be a thorn in somebody’s side.”

“We can do better as a city and I don’t want to let this be a barometer of the spirit or the city of Chattanooga. We need to reclaim what we had at one time. I concede no point, every point that I brought up was points that need to be dealt with,” said David Crockett.

” Well we are going to continue to look forward on public safety and making sure that jobs are available for the future, and also building our higher quality of life . We’ve seen a tremendous surge in our economy and now we need to make sure that people have the skill to that they need to staff those jobs,” said Mayor Andy Berke.

Unfortunately, we did not have time to catch the reactions of candidate Chris Long.
Mayor Andy Berke will serve another 4 year term with public safety and creating more jobs being some of his priorities his administration will be working on this term.

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