Election Cybersecurity

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (WDEF) – So far, 2020 has been a historical year in many ways.

It’s also the year for a presidential election come November. 

Cybersecurity becomes even more critical in this year’s November election not only because of possible threats of foreign influences but also because many election officials and their staff are now working from home and over the computer. 

Before you cast a ballot either in person or by mail officials say it’s important to make sure you have received all your candidate and voting information from a trustworthy official.

 Officials say social media is the easiest way to receive false information about your voting location and its requirements. 

“Voters need to get their information from a reliable and trusted source. Not someone who has 79 followers and a kitten for a profile picture. Sharing the correct information about election sites has never been so important. Make sure when you put something out on social media, you have checked with your county election commission or the chief election officer of your state,” says Tre Hargett, Tennessee Secretary of State.

Officials say it’s also important to choose a strong unique password for every application you use, especially for your voter registration. 

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