Elementary Science Olympiad

You can see these young minds working… 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders in Hamilton County…making things like rockets… And lightweight bridges.

If they can have these kinds of experiences in elementary school that’s exposing them to civil and construction engineering, and getting them excited about those fields while their young, we can set them on a path to pursue those things in the future.

That’s the idea behind the regional Elementary Science Olympiad. And that’s the reason some big name employers are behind it … like TVA and Tennessee American Water.

“It gets these kids excited in science and math, and so this is what we need as employers. We need these employees later on.”
“Be able to ultimately compete for high technology jobs in the future.”

High technology jobs in Hamilton County… So, these teachers, employers, and volunteers are investing in their own community.

“I want them to understand it’s a process, it’s not easy. If it’s easy we would all go to the moon.”

No, not everyone here will get an aerospace degree, but these teachers say that far-out idea, fostered here, is actually attainable.

“Some of them, I was lucky, I actually had a student that went all the way to NASA and he’s in the control room, so.”

So, you never know who is going to be inspired, especially on a day like today.

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