Emier Bowman Has Become Shot Blocking Machine For Dalton High School

Dalton, GA-(WDEF) Dalton high school guard Braxton Thomas calls teammate Emier Bowman a defensive threat.

But Bowman doesn’t look like much of a threat, until you try to shoot over him.
That’s when the Catamounts senior forward turns into a shot-blocking machine.
   Emier Bowman stands at just 6’4, not exactly the height you picture for a shot blocker.
Said Bowman,"I don’t think I look like a shot blocker. But if you drive to the hole and I’m there, it’s just going to happen."
Said Thomas,"He’s quick off his feet. When a shot goes up, he’s quick to get the block."
Added head coach Mike Duffiie,"That is a unique attribute he has to elevate quickly, and it helps him rebounding. He had 15 Tuesday night."
Said Thomas,"When Emier blocks a shot, our team gets that fire. We start getting on runs. When he gets those blocks, we feel like we’re unstoppable."
Said Duffie,"He runs the length of the floor, and it looks like they have a break-away layup, and they lay it up, and he pins it on the backboard. That happens quite a lot. It really does. He has done that several times. That’s usually an ‘ohh’ moment for folks. They go ‘ohhh’. It really takes the wind out of their sails."
   Bowman is averaging 14 points, nine rebounds, and three blocks a game.
Said Duffie,"He has worked very hard on his perimeter game. His ball-handling skills. His perimeter shot has gotten better."
Said Bowman,"I want a triple-double game where I have eleven blocks."
Said Thomas,"Emier can do it. Rebounding, blocks, and points, he’s capable of getting a triple-double."
   While Bowman is getting some college interest, Coach Duffie believes Bowman could be steal of a recruit.
"Two years from now, I could see him being 6’6, 215. He would be a force at that size. I just think his up-side is incredible in the future. I really do."
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