Empower Chattanooga

Green Spaces unveiled a new strategy to improve the quality of life and save energy Wednesday afternoon. Its called Empower Chattanooga.

Empower Chattanooga will help residents learn more about energy efficiency in their own homes. Dawn Hjeseth, Green Spaces Director of Development said, "We will look at how energy efficiency impacts the rest of their lives." Green Spaces has teamed up with roughly thirty different agencies and local leaders to help make this plan possible for several neighborhoods including Highland Park, East Chattanooga and East Lake. Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke said, "Our quality of life and therefore our economic development are inextricably linked with how we perform on a sustainable level."

The goal of Empower Chattanooga is to help residents in those communities and receive help on how energy use can save them money each month. Hjeseth said, "It’s a lot of simple things that everyone can do. We know that a lot of people costs that prohibit them from making energy efficient improvements, so we will be doing a lot of education. But we will also be able to supply them with products to help them." The plan will also collect data to help homeowners make changes to their homes to improve efficiency. Hjeseth said, "Depending on the need of the house, we encourage all of them to get E-score through EPB. They can have an energy assessment to find out exactly what the need on their house and we will come and support them."

Every dollar saved in energy efficiency goes straight back into the neighborhood.. improving economic opportunities. Hjeseth said, "Over the next two years we hopefully will have reduced per capita in energy consumption."  The plan already helped the Scenic City make it to the semi-finals of a multi-million dollar competition hosted by Georgetown University.

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