EMS personnel honored at Chattanooga State

Over 100 fallen EMS personnel were honored Sunday at Chattanooga State, as part of a multi-state procession.
“There is no greater sacrifice and I mean this is just a small way we can honor them,” says Paul Feaster, President of Southeastern EMS Director’s Association.
It marks the countdown to the National EMS Memorial Service and Weekend of Honor which recognizes EMS and air medical personnel who died in the line of duty.
“We decided to move it from Dallas to DC and stop along the way to give people a chance to pay their respects and to learn more about what EMS does and the dangers that we really do face every day,” says Rachel Tester, Vice President of National EMS Memorial Service.
Megan Harris says honoring the children of fallen EMS with a teddy bear, in this case Chief Ted E. Bear, is a big part of the procession.
“Once we get to DC we’ll turn this, pictures and everything about teddy bear into a story for the kids to bring more comfort to them,” says Harris.
Paul Feaster says the event is a good way for local EMS personnel to pay tribute to those who gave their lives.
“This is a way for EMS personnel across the country to pay tribute that wouldn’t necessarily get to travel and this way we can come out and we can pay tribute to those that are going to add to it and god willing we don’t add anymore,” says Feaster.
The event will culminate with the unveiling of a monument for those EMS personnel in Washington DC.
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