CHATTANOOGA, Tn. (WDEF)- “So today is the E.P.B. Green Business Exp, so in addition to the celebration of our certification we’re also showcasing our vendors. The folks who have helped us achieve our dream goals with their products and services.”, says Elizabeth Hammit the Director of Environmental Stewardship at E.P.B. of Chattanooga.

E.P.B. is also announcing their partnership with Green Spaces on the E.P.B. green light accelerator.

“Green Light is a third party green certification from Green Spaces and together they’re going to help businesses step by step walk through what they can do to be greener and better stewards of the environment.”

E.P.B. of Chattanooga has become the first local company to earn a certification in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

It reflects their successful effort to reduce its environmental impact through energy efficiency, reduced water usage, recycling and other factors.

“Once again E.P.B. is stepping out front and becoming a Gold LEED certified building.”, says Mayor Jim Coppinger.

Hammit says, “At E.P.B., our mission is to increase the quality of life for the people we serve and one way we do that that is by being a steward of the environment.”

Mayor Jim Coppinger adds on, “They’re taking about 60 percent of their trash and whatever needs to be done- recycling it, which keeps it out of our landfills. Which again is environmentally friendly to our community.”

Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke spoke at the podium about the local challenges going forward:

“If you think about some of the issues that we’ve seen around the country, California with fire, extreme weather in Texas, the issues that we’ve faced here locally. Chattanooga is one of the fastest warming cities in the country, this isn’t going away. All we can do is change our policies and our behavior.”

“It’s not difficult to go green, and in fact it makes a ton of business sense and it’s easy to do.”, Says Hammit.

The E.P.B.’s Green Business Expo featured about fifteen vendors with expertise and services to help companies go green and optimize their operations.

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