EPB launches new residential WiFi solution

Thursday morning EPB officially launched Smart Net Plus.  The service is described as a “world-class Wi-Fi solution designed to ensure EPB customers get their full internet value across all their smart devices in every corner of their home.”

Smart Net Plus is professionally installed by local EPB Tech Pros . This announcement follows the recent launch of America’s first community-wide 25 Gig service in Chattanooga.

Matt Anderson is an EPB Tech Pro. He said he has trialed the Smart Net Plus service for the last nine months, and as a customer he utilizes the parental controls.

“I’ve been testing it for about the past nine months and I, as a parent, love the parental controls to be able to manage my kids devices from the app on my phone is awesome,” said Anderson. “You can freeze the internet on each device. There’s also ad blockers, which are great. I didn’t even know I needed ad blockers. It’s just nice how smooth it is on any device.

Anderson also praised the security features of Smart Net Plus. “The other thing I’d highlight that I think is really great is just the constant added security. You’re not depending on your device or any additional software you had to install on your computer, or an app on your phone to always protect you. It’s got protection for every device that’s connected to it. It’s going to protect you from malware, and spy bots and all things like that. So it’s a great feature,” said Amderson.

Installation comes at no extra charge. Smart Net Plus works with any internet speed available through EPB. To arrange installation call or text at 423-648-1372 or you can go online to epb.com and order the service or chat with a representative online. 

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