EPB prepares ahead of storms

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – As weather is a concern Thursday, EPB has upped its crews.

“So we have some extra crews on hand. We’ve actually asked some outside contract crews. So we’ve beefed up our staffing a little bit,” EPB Construction Manager Grant Carrikers said.

In total, there are 18 line construction crews.

“We’re paying attention to what’s happening out there. We’re going to respond try to be patient, be careful and try to be safe,” Carrikers said.

Typically, in these types of events what knocks out power is a combination of trees, wind and rain.

“You notice the leaves are starting to come in on them. So they’re getting heavier. You combine that with the rain and the soil is getting a little soggy and too much wind, limbs fall, trees get uprooted and fall on the power lines, knock the lines down in worst case. If they start breaking poles. That’s when you really have to have construction crews out there,” Carrikers said.

Carrikers said that with EPB’s Smart Grid, workers normally have an idea of where power outages are and the impact, but folks can still call in or report outages online.

“One thing we want to stress is safety. If it takes a while, you see lines on the ground, call 911, call EPB. Please stay away from them and let qualified personnel take care of that,” Carrikers said.

EPB encourages its customers to use the EPB app.

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