EPB testing new cyber security software

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- EPB has started testing new cyber security software.

The new technology will use science to add extra security to the internet.

Once it is fully developed, Smart Grid Cyber Security will be cutting edge.

Quantum Technology will use quantum physics to lessen the chance of cyber-attacks.

Steve Morrison, EPB’s Director of Information security says, “All the encryption today is math based and all math encryption is eventually hacked. This system uses photons instead of math. So, no current computer can actually break the code.”

EPB and various national partners gathered today to demonstrate and review the technology.

According to the Tennessee based company Oak Ridge Laboratory, this security will be something unlike we have seen before.

Nicholas Peters, from the Oak Ridge Laboratory, says, “Unlike a lot of different things that people use today, this type of security will not expire when people’s computers get better and so, it really fits well with energy infrastructure where you would really like to deploy something and let it last for decades. This will give you that capability.”

Cyber Security breaches are expensive. This new technology will offset the cost and prevent the breaches themselves.

EPB is the only utility company in the United States that is testing the Quantum Technology.

President and CEO of Qubitekk, Duncan Earl, says, “The work that is going on here, specifically in Chattanooga, is world class. This is the first time that a lot of this technology has actually been deployed in an electrical grid environment and It’s happening right here in Chattanooga. Which is a pretty big deal, we think.”

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