Erlanger and Boston University Doctors Discuss Head Trauma and Concussions

CHATTANOOGA,TN, (WDEF)Whether you throw, kick, catch, peddle, or punch, concussions and brain trauma are a concern.

But now neurologists and sports medicine experts say resting too much can slow the healing process.

Dr. Bill Moore Smith, Sports Medicine Erlanger,"Do something to increase the heart rate, increase cerebral flow seems to allow quicker recovery, we don’t return them to play any quicker but we might be able to return them to the classroom".

Dr Smith a father to five football players was part of a three way discussion on head trauma Wednesday.

He called for less use of the head in tackling and also for coaches to make sure helmets were fitted properly.

Boston University neurologists are researching with athletes and veterans to see whether or not head trauma and concussions could also be connected to alzheimer’s.

Dr.Thor Stein, Boston University,"I think that it really opens up our ability to understand how injury can maybe directly lead to a degenerate disease and how we might go about diagnosing it".

Besides football, soccer was almost mentioned as a main cause of head trauma especially among women with balls regularly making contact while traveling at 70mph.

Helmet experts believe too many cyclists are getting concussions either because they are not wearing a helmet or because they are not wearing them properly.

Michael Skiles ,Suck Creek Cycle,"Put the helmet on their head, take off riding and don’t take the time to get the  straps adjusted properly they don’t position the helmet on their head properly, not educating themselves correctly its not unlike learning how to use your child seat correctly".

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