Erlanger and Dallas Bay Volunteer Fire Department start CPR effort

HIXSON, Tenn. (WDEF) — Officials with Erlanger and the Dallas Bay Volunteer Fire Department are teaming up to lead a CPR initiative.

The goal is to teach Dallas Bay residents the importance of learning CPR. This effort is inspired by a late doctor, who served as the director of the Erlanger Regional Operations Center.

People gathered at the Dallas Bay Volunteer Fire Department Tuesday night to learn about a push to get residents CPR certified. It was initially spearheaded by the late Dr. James Creel, who worked closely with the fire department.

“Dr. Creel, before he died, he talked to me and would like 60 percent of Dallas Bay residents certified in CPR,” said Timothy Waldo, Medical Chief for the Dallas Bay Volunteer Fire Department.

Waldo, says they will cater the classes to the community.

“We are going to have them wherever they want to go. We are going to have them in the churches. We will go to any organization, that wants to have a class, we will go to them and have a class,” Waldo said.

Dr. William Blalock, with Erlanger’s Heart and Lung Institute, says CPR is an important skill to know.

“We all need to be first responders. Anyone can do it. Anyone can save a life and that is why we need to get everybody, as many people as possible, CPR trained until the other first responders can get there and get the patients onto the hospital,” Dr. Blalock said.

He says getting the word out is the first step.

“Once people realize services are readily available, that the information is easy to obtain and the skill is easy to master, then it makes things a lot better,” Dr. Blalock said.

They are hoping their message will resonate with community members, and people will get CPR certified.

“If I can do 1800 people in a year, I will do 1800 people in a year. Just however long it takes. We are not actually setting a date goal. We just want it done, so the quickest we can get it done the better off everybody is going to be,” Waldo said.

If you are interested in taking a CPR class, contact the Dallas Bay Volunteer Fire Department at 423-842-9370.

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