Erlanger Neurology Review discusses sports-related concussions and head trauma

The connection between head injuries and  the their long term effects on the brain is a storyline that has become more and more common place in sports in recent years.  While head injuries can take place in a number of sports, due to its popularity, and the violence of the sport, football has been under the spot light …..

Today, at Erlanger Neurology Review Conference, they focused on sports-related concussions and head trauma. Concussions have a number of symptoms ranging from headaches and difficulty talking to memory loss.

Once upon a time, a long time ago in football culture, concussion and head injuries were considered minor, but now, with the knowledge of the long term effects of the injuries, that just isn’t the case anymore

"Prolonged head injures can lead to degenerative disease later in life," said Dr. Stein.

With many former football players saying they would not let their children play the sport, the question becomes more and more pressing of how early is it okay to subject the brain to these possible injury risk.  Dr. Stein, the events keynote speaker and one of the most renowned research and clinical neuropathologists in the world says that childhood injuries could have long term effects.

"Brain injury that occurs in childhood can have long term effects on your ability to think.  Former NFL players who started before age 12 did much worse on cognitive effects decades later."

With the increased knowledge, now the task at hand is how to make athletes safer while they are on the field.

Bill Moore Smith, M.D., the Director of Sports Medicine at UT Erlanger said, "I think there are lots of things that we can do to make it better.  I think we have got to quit using the head as a weapon, to basically use the head like it is meant to be used and not as a weapon."

Over the past five years with the increased awareness of the dangers of head injuries in football, there have been changes made at all levels to educate, prevent contact, and help to protect athletes.


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