Eviction Moratorium Ending

WALKER COUNTY, Ga. (WDEF)- “We’re going to be homeless. We have nowhere to go. We have no family, no friends.” said Jeremy Chaffin.

Like many families across the nation, Heather and Jeremy Chaffin have suffered financial hardships during the covid pandemic. 

The couple said their landlord has already started eviction actions despite a moratorium in place by the CDC.

Now, the couple is scheduled to arrive in court on the 21st of December.

“Every other county is following the law except for Walker County and I’ve talked to the judge -I’ve talkedto her several times. It doesn’t matter what we do” said Jeremy.

“What landlords need to be aware of is that they can be charged” said Ga. and Tn. attorney McCracken Poston.

Poston says there could be individual counties ignoring the moratorium at their own risk.

Poston also understands landlords are suffering financial deficits as well.

“Something’s gotta give” said Poston. Perhaps another stimulus but I think the landlords should also be considered as part of their business.”

According to CBS News, Congress is negotiating a current stimulus that includes, money for rental assitance, food assistance, money for schools and vaccine, and 300 billion for small businesses.

With kids and dogs to take care of, time doesn’t seem to be on the Chaffin’s side.

“The first stimulus bill, it took us six months before we even got ours” said Heather.

The property owners told News 12 the Chaffin’s will not have to move out until after January first.
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