Eviction Prevention Initiative aids tenants and landlords during a potential eviction process

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF)-The Eviction Prevention Initiative (EPI) is a Chattanooga-funded program that helps tenants during an eviction process.

“Needing assistance accessing those funds or with your rent, just come on out to the table out there and we’ll be happy to talk to you.”
The director of the program Alexa Leboeuf said no one wants to go through the eviction process because it’s not enjoyable for the tenant or the landlord.
“There’s nobody who gets up every day and says I love doing this. And recognizing that many many folks when faced with an Eviction or housing instability all parties want to come together to find a resolution or next step that avoids conflict and ideally would avoid confrontation within the courtroom,” said Leboeuf.
EPI provides three key services including access to representation, access to a social worker, as well as access to resources.
“We understand that landlords also struggled during the pandemic and so we have flexible funds. Which, we can utilize in the negotiation of cases and we make it a priority to link tenants to resources whether at the city or state level for addressing rent debt,” said Leboeuf.
So far the program has helped over 400 people facing evictions, over 200 of which have involved children.
“Housing instability and evictions can have really detrimental effects for families. Both in the housing market, and medical care. In mental health, its impact on a child’s education. It’s expensive to be evicted not just for the household facing the eviction but also for the community,” said Leboeuf.
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