Expect Detours on South Broad as Waste Water Pipes are Replaced

Be prepared for some detours on south Broad before the end of this year.
The Chattanooga city engineering department is released information on their project to rebuild collapsing water pipes under the roadway.
City engineering says it may be an inconvenience, but its necessary.
South Broad street is one of the busiest routes in the city..especially during morning and afternoon rush hour.
But starting in September you can expect route changes and detours as work begins in three phases for a 16.6-million dollar storm water project.

BILL PAYNE, CITY ENGINEER  “This particular area a portion of Alton Park, and all of St. Elmo …and the watershed comes all the way beside Lookout Mountain and North Georgia.” ”

At one point, there are 5 sewer lines converging on Broad behind Walgreens.

BILL PAYNE  “Right now its piped underneath a landfill that Wheland used to operate…and because the pipe that’s there is an old metal pipe that’s starting to fail …this is a replacement for it.”

The new storm water system will go around that property and include a concrete box holder.
Some of that work….will close Broad for up to 90 days.
It’ll be in the third phase where traffic coming off Cummings Highway will turn right at 37th…go to a red light at Tennessee and turn left on get back on Broad.

BILL PAYNE  “All businesses are going to be able to remain open…there is a …they all have at least one other entrance …either on a different street or they have multiple entrances.”

The city engineers considered partial closures of the streets and decided against that idea.

BILL PAYNE  “Actually when we looked at it, having a closure on broad street for three months ..but if we tried to keep it open for traffic ..there’s portions of the work that would be …we still would have to have some closures.”

Bill Payne says that will all happen in phase three.

BILL PAYNE  “We expect road closures will happen sometime after the first of the year.”

Work on the Riverwalk in St. Elmo will continue at the same time as the storm water project, according to the city engineer.

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