Expect to see more state troopers on the road this month

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee(WDEF) – The Governor’s Highway Safety Office has officially started it’s annual Booze-it and Lose-it campaign to crack down on impaired driving during the holiday season.

Lt. John Harmon of Tennessee Highway Patrol  told WDEF that between now and New Years, there will be an extremely heavy presence of state troopers and local law enforcement patrolling the roads.

"We’re going to be highly visible. We’ll be doing bar checks. We’re doing saturations. You’re going to see a Tennessee State Trooper just about everywhere you look," Harmon said.

December is notoriously a dangerous month for driving because many motorist find themselves leaving holiday parties intoxicated.

According to the Tennessee Governor’s Highway Safety Office, there was a total of 83 Traffic fatalities last December.18 of those fatalities occurred on or just before Christmas. Three of those deaths were in Hamilton County.

Since October of this year, there have already been 10 road fatalities.

"Eight out of 10 were not wearing their seat belt. 50-percent of those were involved in impairment. 40-percent of those 50-percent were impaired on drugs alone," said State Law Enforcement Administrator Richard Holt.

Not only will police be looking for drunk drivers, they’ll also be looking for motorist who are under the influence of narcotics.

It’s also worth mentioning that not every member of law enforcement will be patrolling the roads in marked vehicles.

"Tennessee Highway Patrol has a few unmarked cars that possibly  could be out because every available trooper will be working throughout the end of the year; through the holidays to keep these fatalities down," Harmon said.

In addition to cracking down on impaired driving, law enforcement will also be on the lookout for anyone not wearing their seat belt.

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