Experience Excites the Cleveland Blue Raiders

Cleveland finished last season with a 5-6 record after a tough opening round playoff loss. But now that the Blue Raiders return a bunch of veterans, that gets their juices flowing.
Cleveland enjoys the 30-in-30 treatment.

Reporter:”How many seniors do you guys have this year?”
Said running back Tetoe Boyd:”We’ve got a lot. Most of the team are seniors. We are all coming back for real, so we’re all used to everything.”
And when you have that much experience, how can you not feel confident.
Said receiver Destun Thomas:”Honestly that means we are not losing. We’re not losing. We’re going to go off. That’s what that means.”
Said quarterback Drew Lambert:”Lot of leadership coming back. Almost all of our offense is back from last year, so that’s good.”
Said head coach Marty Wheeler:”Now it’s more the guys understand a lot more about what it is we’re trying to get done. I think execution will probably be ahead of schedule from a year ago for sure.”
The quarterback execution should be better since Drew Lambert played a lot last year.
Wheeler:”From a player’s standpoint, our team really believes in Drew. They have a lot of confidence and so do our coaches.”
Thomas:”Drew came in when he had barely practiced QB. He would go and QB in practice, but he wasn’t really a QB. So he came in the first game, and he threw four touchdowns without even practicing. So it’s like he’s just a natural QB.”
The Blue Raiders hope to achieve their first winning record since 2017.
Thomas:”Nobody believes in us. We’re that team that nobody believes in. We’ve been bad for years. But I’m not going say nothing, but just know, we’re going to be that team next year. I’m telling you we’re going to be that team.”
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