Lawmaker explains why Georgia is giving a tax refund

"We understand the people are having rough time getting by right now"

ROSSVILLE, Georgia (WDEF) – Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, has signed a bill that will deliver additional income tax refunds due to the state’s budget surplus.

It will go to those who filed taxes in 2020 and 2021. Single filers receive a $250 refund, head of household will receive a $375 refund and married couples receive $500.
“We’re running on a pretty good surplus right now. People are having a hard time, the high gas prices, we just took off the gas tax temporarily but we’re trying to give people some of their money back. It’s their money,” said Mike Cameron, House of Representative.
Cameron said he thinks the extra money has come into the state due to the high amount of online sales.
“I think we’re getting a lot of Internet sales. Three years ago the House and the Senate passed a bill because places, like Amazon, want to be taxed So more people due to Covid or buying products online. So we’ve got more tax revenue coming in,” said Cameron.
Mike Beres and his wife will both be receiving the extra refund and thinks it will help Georgian’s, in need, during this time of inflation.
“Probably, middle class and lower, people who have to drive substantial distance every day that cost, the extra buck or two it cost some time ago is adding up every week so this will be welcome to their pocketbooks,” said Beres.
“Extra money to buy gas or buy milk, those kind of things. I’m old enough to remember when inflation was very, very high back in 1980, 79–80. We understand the people are having rough time getting by right now,” said Cameron.
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