Fabulous Father: Soddy Daisy’s Bill Bird

When Bill Bird met his wife Courtney, she already had two kids.  "Pretty much as soon as I met them if was just a great fit," says Bill.

That connection proved so strong, Bill soon adopted Taylor and Blake.  Then last year, baby Ellie came along to grow their family into a party of five.  "He’s what a father should be.  Doesn’t have to be over the top something amazing, consistently amazing works for us," says Courtney.

Bill doesn’t see how he handles his fatherly duties as anything special.  "Diapers, that’s just part of the job you know.  They are there every day so, somebody’s got to do it."
But Courtney says Bill makes everyone’s life better… more fun, more secure, more educational, and more loved.  "If its playing Barbies, if its playing trains or running around on the playground, he’s in with that.  We don’t have to ask him. He just jumps in and plays with us."

Courtney recalls a time when she and the kids were all sick and throwing up in the middle of the night… and Bill came to their rescue.  "He was changing sheets, I’m on the floor of the bathroom feeling horrible.  You know there’s a lot of men who will go in the complete other direction, I’ll come see you guys tomorrow.  Nope, he was cleaning up and then 2 hours later he woke up and went to work."  Bill says he tried "to do whatever I need to do to fill in the gaps.  She’s with the kids all day while I’m at work and when I get home I’m just doing what needs to be done to catch up."

Courtney says anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special, like Bill, to be a daddy.  "I guess she thinks I’m doing a pretty good job," says Bill, as he chuckles.

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