Factors in Chattanooga’s Mayoral Runoff

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- A close call in the race for Chattanooga’s mayor means 6 more weeks of campaigning for Tim Kelly and Kim White.

“I need all the help I can get” said Mayoral Runoff Candidate Tim Kelly.

That help could come in the form of endorsements from his former opponents.

“This was never about Monty Bruell being mayor of Chattanooga. It was about being a voice for the marginalized in our community.”

News 12 asked Tim Kelly if winning Wade Hinton’s endorsement, who garnered over 6 thousand votes, could be a key to winning the runoff.

“I could sure use the endorsement of all candidates including Wade’s. I plan to be speaking with Wade soon about that.”

While Kelly has received early support from his peers, history may be on Kim White’s side because she is in second place.

“We’ve only had one mayoral runoff at least in recent history in Chattanooga since we’ve changed our form of government to the strong mayor form and that was in 2005 and actually the person who finished second in the general ended up winning” said Dr. Chris Acuff, a political science professor at UTC.

Dr. Acuff says more recent city council elections are trending in White’s favor as well.

“The last two elections we’ve had there were three council races in the runoff and all three of those the person in second place actually ended up winning” said Dr. Acuff.

The runoff election day is April 13th.

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