Falcons Offense Hopes To Soar Once Again in NFC Championship Game

The Falcons offense set a franchise record for the most points scored in one season.
They’ve already demonstrated once they can score right along with Green Bay’s hot-shot quarterback Aaron Rodgers.
Now they’re ready to light it up again in the rematch with the Packers Sunday in the NFC championship game.
Matt Ryan threw for more yards this season than any of the more famous quarterbacks left in the division championship games, but those guys still have the one stat that matters.
Reporter:”Of the last four quarterbacks, you’re the only one who doesn’t have a Super Bowl title yet.”
Said Ryan:”Yet.” (laughter)
But Ryan is working hard to make that dream a reality.
Said Falcons head coach Dan Quinn:”I’ve always thought Matt was a terrific quarterback. What I can tell you is there has been a shift, and there has been a jump in his play.”
Said Packers linebacker Clay Matthews:”Hopefully getting to their quarterback as fast as you can. I think last time he got the ball out in something like 2.1 seconds. So it will be difficult, but we’re up for the challenge.”
Ryan engineered a Falcons offense that led the NFL in scoring this season.
Said Packers DB Micah Hyde:”It’s definitely a challenge. Great quarterback. Great receivers. Great running game. Last time I joked around and said we’ve got to pray. You guys ran with that, so I’m not going to say that again. Um. But you do, you’ve got to pray. (laughter)
Said Packers head coach Mike McCarthy:”You look at the number of starts on the offensive line they’ve had together. That’s a critical statistic when it comes to success.”
Could see some offensive fireworks on Sunday. The Falcons and Packers combined for 65 points in their meeting earlier this season.
Reporter:”Lot of the experts are saying this is going to be a serious shootout. What do you say when you hear that?”
Said Falcons safety Ricardo Allen:”Ok.”
Said McCarthy:”Now that we are here. We make sure we brush our teeth. Comb our hair, and smile a little more I guess.”

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