Family Justice Center in Chattanooga Now a Reality

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF) – The largest Family Justice Center in Tennessee will now become a reality.

Valerie Radu, Executive Director of the Family Justice Center in Chattanooga, says, "It’s really exciting to think about those decades of work that have now resulted in today."

Money just approved through the Chattanooga City Council means renovations can now begin at the new center in the Eastgate area.

Radu adds, "We had four homicides last year that were domestic violence related."

Hamilton County Courts also issued more than 700 orders of protection, according to Radu.

So, the need to help victims of abuse is clearly there.

Radu adds, "People who are going through family violence, elder abuse, human trafficking."

We’re told 70 percent of the people experiencing abuse in some fashion never get help.

Radu adds, "And the reasons for that are that yes, you have to go to several locations. Maybe you don’t have a support system in place to help you get there. Maybe you don’t have transportation, childcare."

City leaders say having ten agencies under one roof will help more people.

Plus, the new location is easily accessible by bus, and you can take your animals there.

So, you don’t have to leave them behind.

Larry Grohn, a Chattanooga City Councilman, says, "It’s been too long that we have individuals, whatever their situation, that are shuttled around from agency to agency."

Organizers will begin rolling out services in late spring or summer, but the renovations on the new facility will take a few months longer to complete.

The State of Tennessee helped fund the renovations.

The Family Justice Center could house up to 15 different agencies in the future, instead of ten, if the need arises.

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