Family reunited with military quilt after tornado

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – It’s the kind of thing you’d hope to never lose.

Amy Powers’ great-aunt made a military quilt for Beulah Lockmiller and her late husband, Larry to honor Larry’s service.

“These are all pieces of his uniform with the different services that he did,” Powers said. “It actually has a poem that he had written to his family while he was there in Desert Storm just in case he didn’t make it home.”

The quilt was stored in a chest of drawers in Beulah’s home, but when a recent tornado came through the area, Beulah’s home was seriously damaged.

She was safe, but the quilt could not be found.

“She immediately noticed that the dresser that had the quilt in it was missing,” Beulah’s granddaughter Loren Lockmiller said. “We just thought it was gone, because we knew there were pieces of the elementary school here. So, we just couldn’t imagine where this would’ve flown off to.”

After searching, the quilt resurfaced on social media.

Family members were reunited with it Thursday afternoon.

“When we finally saw that someone had this quilt that we had been hurting for then it was just happy tears,” Loren said.

Aaron Casillas gave the family the quilt.

He found it while cleaning up with a church group across the street from Beulah’s home.

“We looked at it and opened it up and my mom was like look it says the name of someone, like someone’s name that was in the army and she said we should put it on Facebook and maybe someone’s looking for it,” Casillas said.

“He may be young, but definitely a hero. We’re definitely thankful that it’s back,” Powers said.

There was $200 reward for finding the quilt, but Casillas refused to take it.

So, instead the money is being used to make Casillas a military quilt.

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