Family wants answers in Walker County death

WALKER COUNTY, GA. (WDEF) — The family of a man who was found dead in Walker County more than a year ago wants answers.

Donald Fickey Jr.’s death was ruled a suicide, but family members believe it was a homicide.

Amanda Shirley looks over pictures of her brother Donald Fickey Jr., who went by DJ.

“He was funny. He was a jokester. He was the prankster of the family. There wasn’t a dull moment with him around, no matter what kind mood you were in he was always making you laugh,” Shirely said.

She says he was very caring.

“He loved everybody. There wasn’t nothing that he wouldn’t do for somebody,” Shirley said.

In October of 2016 Fickey was found dead in a Walker County home.

“My mom called me and told me and I fell to the floor. I was in shock,” she said.

The death was investigated by the Walker County Sheriff’s Office and ruled a suicide.

“I knew from the moment my mom called me that it wasn’t a suicide. We all knew it wasn’t a suicide. He was literally texting my mother when he was shot.”

In an April 2017 letter to detectives, district attorney Buzz Franklin says, “While certain statements made by witnesses, when viewed in isolation, would tend to indicate a homicide, the physical evidence and other witness statements support a conclusion the death was a suicide.”

He went on to say the matter is considered closed. Shirley wants the case to be re-examined.

“What everyone wants is justice. This was mishandled from day one and till this day it is still being mishandled,” Shirley said.

She says she is fighting for answers, for the three children her brother left behind.

“I don’t want his children growing up to see a death certificate stating their father killed himself when we know he didn’t,” she said.

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