Fans Gather To Clean Up Cleveland Speedway With Future In Doubt

      "We’ve got to re-open this speedway. The grass is overgrown and the place looks like a shambles."
      For the first time in some time, engines roared to life at the Cleveland Speedway.
      "They are bringing their lawn mowers. They are bringing their weed eaters. A little bit of hard work goes a long way," said Speedway fan Steve Hixson.
      Behind the locks and chains, and the tall grass, lies a long history of racing in Bradley County.
      "I remember coming here as a kid and seeing my idols race each and every Saturday night, especially on big shows and big name drivers from dirt racing and even NASCAR. We’ve had Ken Schrader here, Kenny Wallace, numerous NASCAR drivers have actually tested here privately," added Hixson.
      Now, privately, this small group of race fans do their part to make the property presentable again.
      "It comes from the heart. We want our place clean, we want it open and we are ready to go racing. I’ve been coming all my life. I don’t think there’s ever been a week that I haven’t seen these guys here. We just want to get this place cleaned up to show them that the community is behind this project," said Speedway fan Paul Doss.
       A community that is hoping for a miracle, one patch of grass at a time.
       "I believe that the racers would race here for a year for free. Just to get this place back open, and get it back on its feet, and get the bologna sandwiches selling, and the fans happy again," added Doss.
       "I don’t think they realize what racing brings to the community, It brings some economic development. There will be an imprint left from the racetrack not just meaning a physical imprint but an economically imprint as well," said Hixson.
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