Fantasy Baseball: Ranking 12 of the best fan-submitted team names we received for the 2019 season

Baseball is just around the corner and that means it’s fantasy baseball time.

SportsLine has already simulated the 2019 MLB season 10,000 times in order to identify this year’s biggest boom-or-bust draft candidates. Ditto for 2019’s biggest sleepers. Senior Fantasy Writers Heath Cummings and Scott White also have you covered with top-40 player rankings for each position entering the season. As far as roster-building goes, you should be all set.

But what about naming your fantasy team?

Well, you came to the right place. Using a dozen of the best submissions we received from CBS Sports’ “Fantasy Baseball Today Podcast” listeners, we’ve ranked some names you should consider in your fantasy league this year:

1. Acuna Moncada

Here are the rules: Use this name, and you’ll win your league. If you’re smart enough to ride with this, you’re definitely smart enough to draft a championship team. Bonus points because “The Lion King” remake comes out later this year.

2. Thank You, Betts

Guarantee you’ll have other owners humming Ariana Grande if you adopt this, so it’s your call if you want to put that burden on your competition. But my goodness, this one just rolls off the tongue. To the listener behind it: Thank you. Next…

3. Last Man Stanton

This works on so many levels. The wordplay is smooth. It implies your team will, literally, be the last standing. And just for kicks, it’ll probably incite another debate about Giancarlo Stanton being overpaid, if you’re into that sort of thing.

4. Yusei Kikuchi, I say Kikuchi

Whatever you say, it sounds amazing.

5. Marky Marquez and the Muncy Bunch

This one deserves a vote just for reminding me that Mark Wahlberg used to be a shirtless rapper. Good times. It can be difficult to incorporate multiple players into a single team name, but this one does it well.

6. Recency Baez

It has the smoothness of “Thank Yu, Betts,” with a slightly less catchy phrase. Still, you can do a whole lot worse. Unless you’re desperately trying to convince people you aren’t taking Javier Baez with one of your first picks.

7. Soto Popinski

If you can find a way to tie an up-and-coming outfielder to a drunken Russian Nintendo boxer, you do it.

8. Yusei Goodbye and I Say Gallo

And the rest of your league will say, “Your team is the Betts!”

9. Bregman Turner Overdrive

If only this name incorporated somebody from the Blue Jays! This one grows on you, though. It’s succinct, it can be abbreviated and it immediately lets your competition know that you’re all about takin’ care of business.

10. Mondesi, Monde-do

Seriously, how long did it take you to think of this one? You know who you are.

11. That Funky Muncy

Max Muncy with a second name-drop! And our second “monkey” reference. This would almost be even better as Muncy’s real-life nickname, complete with a Beastie Boys backdrop over the Dodger Stadium loudspeakers.

12. Conforto-bly Numb

It’s not easy finding a fit for a name ending in “o,” and this is way better than my best try (Potato, Machado). Just make sure you’re drafting your team with a little more energy and excitement than the Pink Floyd song.

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