Federal lawsuit filed against Red Bank: A second officer accused of misconduct in lawsuit

RED BANK, Tennessee(WDEF) – Attorneys representing a man who was beaten by a police officer has filed a federal lawsuit against the City of Red Bank.

The suite was filed Tuesday evening as a result of an April 13th traffic stop in Red Bank that escalated into a police beating that was recorded on an officer’s dash-cam.
The unarmed man seen in the video taking the blows to the head while pinned to the ground was Candido Medina-Resendiz. The officer seen delivering the punches was Mark Kaylor.

When it was all said and done, Medina-Resendiz was left with a fractured skull.

A complaint alleging excessive force by officer Kaylor was filed by Medina-Resendiz but an internal affairs investigation cleared the former officer of any wrongdoing. The internal affairs report revealed that Kaylor was actually praised for his actions.

The City of Red Bank, Mark Kaylor and Staff Sgt. Leightaylor Noorbergen are all names in the lawsuit. Noorbergen was named in the suite because she was Kaylor’s supervisor who approved Kaylor’s arrest report on Medina-Resendiz.

The suit also claims that Noorbergen struck and tased Medina for several minutes while he was handcuffed.
The suite comes nearly a month after Kaylor resigned from the Red Bank Police Department before being indicted on felony charges related to the beating.

Kaylor’s indictment came after a TBI investigation into how Kalyor arrested Medina-Resindiz. TBI agents also investigated why the dash-cam video of the beating was never presented during the preliminary hearing inside a Red Bank court house after it was legally requested by the defendants attorney.

The lawsuit states that Red Bank hired Kaylor and Noorbergen knowing they both have prior instances of confirmed misconduct and dishonesty at other law enforcement agencies.

According to the lawsuit, Kaylor was terminated from a Rhea County Sheriff’s Office for failing to carry his duties then lying about it to his supervisor.

The lawsuit also states that Noorbergen resigned from the Chattanooga Police Department after being suspended without pay for 28 days and ordered to undergo anger management counseling. The suspension came after an internal affairs investigation found her guilty of improper arrest, false reports and untruthfulness during an internal affairs investigation.

WDEF will have more information on this story through out the evening.

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